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Volunteers are so important to our students.  Studies show that students perform better when parents are involved in their education.  Safety is our highest priority and we follow the Diocese of Venice volunteer requirements for everyone who has contact with our students. Here are the steps required to become one of our volunteers.

Volunteer Requirements:

Step One:  Create a Virtus account by clicking here

Step Two: Fingerprint/Background screening by clicking here

Step Three: Sign up for S.E.T. by clicking here

Step Four: Complete the Volunteer Packet available from the front office

Contact Maureen Arnold at 239-334-7707 to be screened and set up in our system.  For more information on volunteer and partnership opportunities contact Esther Kiesel at esther.kiesel@stfrancisfortmyers.org or 239-334-7707 ext. 222.

Our students’ safety is our highest priority. All visitors must check in at the front desk using the Raptor system.  A valid photo id is required each time.

Our school parents are the life-blood of our school. Students eyes light up every time they see and realize that there are adults who truly care about them. We have many opportunities for volunteers.

Safe Environment – Diocese of Venice

As Christian adults, we have a moral and legal responsibility and are entrusted by God with the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of minors and vulnerable adults.

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