Transcending Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

For more than 82 years, St. Francis Xavier Catholic School has persevered regardless the challenge it faced. Throughout countless obstacles, we remained committed to academic excellence, founded on the principals of our Catholic traditions, and provided more than 7,000 students a safe environment where they can embrace, practice and share their faith.

This year we strive to keep tuition affordable, especially as requests for support have greatly increased. We also plan on upgrading classrooms to address health, safety and social distancing priorities. 

Your generous support is needed to ensure St. Francis prepares each student to transcend yesterday, today and tomorrow by developing their mind, body and spirit in Christ.  We thank you for your heartfelt prayers, spirit of giving and generous tax-deductible donation as “Every Gift Counts!”

For more information contact Esther Kiesel, Director of Development at or 239-334-7707 ext. 222